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  • How accurate are the simulators?
    We proudly and exclusively use aboutGolf simulators because they provide the most realistic representation of your golf game, including short chips and putts down to mere inches, which is where other simulators fall short. We like to say they're "painfully accurate." Don't just take our word for it - find out Why Michael Breed uses aboutGOLF Simulators
  • What metrics do the simulators track?
    Our simulators from aboutGolf capture accurate ball flight and club data metrics available instantly after every golf shot taken on any of the range venues. These metrics include: Total Distance Carry Distance Ball Speed Vertical Launch (angle of ball flight off the club face) Horizontal Launch (angle of ball flight in relation to target) Backspin Sidespin Apex (height of the shot) Flight Time (also known as hang time) Smash Factor (efficiency of energy transfer from club to ball) With club stickers added, which we can provide for free, you can also see Club Head Speed, Contact Point on Club Face, Club Path, and Angle of Attack.
  • Do you offer lessons for beginners?
    Absolutely! Erick Schlimmer is dedicated to helping everyone improve their golf game, from pure beginners to advanced ball-strikers!
  • How long does it take to play 18 holes?
    Depending on a golfer's skill level and simulator familiarity, a full round could be between 45 – 60 minutes to finish, so a foursome may take up to 4 hours. It is advised to keep this in mind when booking your time slot, and consider adding another swing bay if planning a large party to play a full round.
  • Are simulators beginner-friendly?
    Absolutely! Our simulators are a fun, informative, and personalized introduction to the game of golf. Play at your own pace without the pressure of other teams waiting to advance.
  • I don’t have golf clubs. Am I still able to play?
    Yes, we offer house golf clubs for rent. We have adult sets in RH and LH, and kids' sets in RH.
  • Are there simulations beyond golf?
    Yes! Enjoy family-friendly games such as mini-golf, skee-ball, cornhole, and darts, all while using a club and golf ball!
  • Are minors allowed?
    Swing Center is fun for the whole family! Minors are allowed, with adult supervision required for those under 13.
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